Hi bitches. the bff is here. Im making this guest appearance at carros blog because she asked me to and I'll do anything for mah girl.we are talking on skype atm actually and she wants me to tell you all that she loves you very much darlings.
She just went go get something to eat and I already miss her cute face.
No but seriously, it's already been a week since me and freddi went to see her last weekend and that feels like shit. because it was amazing. and I'm not allowed to post any photos from our trip because that would ruin all the fun when she's going to !
I just have to say good bye because I have to shower before she gets back I can actually hear them slammer with plates downstairs, or maybe it's just her. never mind. This is an absolutely random post.
xoxo gossipgirl
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Dag 4 - Mina mål/drömmar/önskningar (My goals/dreams/hopes)

I don't really know what I want to be when I get older, but hopefully I'll get to work with people and not sit in front of a desk every day. I hope that he will move to Sweden with me. I hope I'll get forever someday. I want kids when I get older, and I want to give birth to them myself (even though you will pooh and pee infront if other people). I want to travel a lot. I hope that I manage to sort out my next year. I hope that this year will never end. I wish that I could make Stockholm and Isle of Wight to lay next to each other. I don't really know what all my hopes and dreams and goals are. It's hard to figure out. I want to be happy, like all the time. I'm happy now, despite the circumstances.
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Dag 3 - Min favoritårstid och varför (My favourite season and why)

My favourite season is the spring or the time right before the summer starts, because everything beautiful starts to come out.. All the flowers, the sun, people start to cut their lawns, it starts to get warmer and you have all the fun that the summer involves left to experience..
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