today has been a good day, on my way to school i read that sex with animals is getting forbidden in sweden within a time. then i had physics and my calculator finally died after saying 'your batteries are low. recommend change of batteries.' for like a month now. isn't it enough it shows you like every once in a while?! daniel, sophia, linh, emma, astri and i went to mc donalds for lunch and i was so full afterwards, and it didn't keep me awake for maths either. i think i dozed off for a while on my arm and didn't really have time to count much at all. then we had english and i managed to teach my fellow classmates some english. like the difference in pronounciation of sheep and cheap, jello and yellow, shoes and choose. I also taught them that plural of fish is actually fish (one fish, many fish) and that the same goes for sheep (one sheep, many sheep). i bumped into ellen and elin when i finished school and they were on their way home so we decided to go together, but first they went and tried on their graduation caps and i have to admit, it stings a bit. at least i'll get to be there on their 'skiva' and their 'flak'. we took the tube home together and i stopped at vivo to buy myself some great alone-at-home-don't-feel-like-studying-food. since i got home i've been watching big bang theory and writing christmas cards (i've managed to write one).
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my internet was slow beyong belief yesterday so i didn't feel like blogging, but it doesnt really matter since yesterday wasn't that big of a deal. i was late to my physics lesson and i was on the bus while my study app told me i was in physics (gotta love istudiezpro) and we finished early due to tutor reviews. since i had mine yesterday i stayed in school after we finished from 12.00 to 16.00. i did however have a nice chat with my biology teacher (and tutor) about my chemistry teacher that we both hate (and i think my chemistry teacher secretly hates us both, she has made me cry once). after the review i went to mums office and waited for her to come downstairs, which took like 20 minutes, so that we could go out and buy some presents for christina whos birthday it is today.
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like i said we were out taking pictures saturday morning, it was all kind of ballerina stuff and such. it was veryvery cold, even if you can't really tell from the pictures. but it was fun and they came out really nice. i don't really know what we were looking for with these pictures but it was fun anyways ;) so yes. muchos photos and i bet she will put them up on her blog soon where there is a nicer quality and you should most definitely have a look at all her other photos, http://muchografi.blogg.se. and the other girl in the picture (as if you don't know) is freddi, http://ortegrens.blogg.se.
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