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don't worry oslo...

... i'll be back, in 52 days (the 23rd of March), for an epic plan (the 24th of March) and even more adventures.
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last day of oslo

so today is a real eventful day, first of all i got up and had a lovely shower before eating breakfast and packing up the last of my things. ida and i then headed for her school and an eventful day of learning and reading. we started the day with norweigan and then politics, ida did her work while i was planning epicness, read my book (i even finished it and it was really good, so i left it with ida so that she could read it) and played solitaire. we then had lunch in her classroom with her friends and went and bought chocolate and crisps, then we had some religion and it was a lot of fun even though im not that keen on religion nor school. when school finished i said bye to her friends for two months and then took the tram to idas house to say bye to her things before we had to leave for the train. we came to the train and i had to say bye to my beautiful friend and a weekend of rehabilitation, adventure, drunkness and fun.
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