today has been a good day, on my way to school i read that sex with animals is getting forbidden in sweden within a time. then i had physics and my calculator finally died after saying 'your batteries are low. recommend change of batteries.' for like a month now. isn't it enough it shows you like every once in a while?! daniel, sophia, linh, emma, astri and i went to mc donalds for lunch and i was so full afterwards, and it didn't keep me awake for maths either. i think i dozed off for a while on my arm and didn't really have time to count much at all. then we had english and i managed to teach my fellow classmates some english. like the difference in pronounciation of sheep and cheap, jello and yellow, shoes and choose. I also taught them that plural of fish is actually fish (one fish, many fish) and that the same goes for sheep (one sheep, many sheep). i bumped into ellen and elin when i finished school and they were on their way home so we decided to go together, but first they went and tried on their graduation caps and i have to admit, it stings a bit. at least i'll get to be there on their 'skiva' and their 'flak'. we took the tube home together and i stopped at vivo to buy myself some great alone-at-home-don't-feel-like-studying-food. since i got home i've been watching big bang theory and writing christmas cards (i've managed to write one).
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