Week 1 of School of the World

What a typical week at School of the World could look like. 
The condo I lived in my first week at School of the World. 
I quickly made friends.
Ernst and I soon became bffs. 
Had some withdrawal issues my first week.. 
Always wet either from the pool or sweating.
Sunburnt and tired from surfing.
Instantly fell in love with surfing.
Went out for fish tacos with Julia and Denise.
First ladies night ever at Wishbone.. and my first picture of Livia.
Constantly making good life decisions.
Made it to spanish anyway..
Surfing after only 4h of sleep might lead to injuries similar to this one.
It escalated quickly..
 "Drink wine and get weird" // First ever picture of me and Warren.
 Surfing competition in Playa Hermosa. 
Horrible picture really but you can spot both Big J, Erika and Madisun in it. Weird to think of how we really didn't know each other here.
The most beautiful sunsets can be spotted on this beach.
 Cows eating papayas.
Ready for a hike.
Hiking to Tres Piscinas with my favourite person ever, Cristian.
Tres chicas en tres piscinas.
Diving in. 
My first week in Jaco and my first week at School of the World was an intense experience. Everything from the climate to surfing to Ladies Night to all the people I met was new to me. I was walking around in a vacation daze not even dreaming of moving here. I met so many incredible people, many whom I'm still friends with or in contact with today - seven months later. Anyways, what we actually did during the days was a mix between surfing, yoga, spanish and intense chilling. Each day we did something new and in the evenings we were either too tired to move or we went out for dinner at a restaurant where we had a 10% discount. On the thursday we went out at Wishbone for the first time and it was just us from the school there, getting free drinks and chilling in the back whilst Carlos was DJing. Little did I know Carlos was the town DJ and that Wishbone would turn into a real weekly thing, I'm happy to say I was there the first time they did it as I sit here writing before taking off to town for a night at Wishbone. On friday night we went to Swell for the first time and that is now my regular bar, where I have met most of my friends (including Warren). Saturdays are no longer spent at Backyard Bar in Playa Hermosa but man have I stared at beautiful surfer bodies there many times. All in all that first week was incredible and so different from what life turned out to be here but I'm so glad I took as many pictures as I did so I can remember it all and look back at how differnet life was back then.
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