okayokayokayokay, i totally forgot my blog. buutttttt  i'll make it up to you. yesterday was my last day at home. i was supposed to get up at 10.00 but somehow i managed to sleep through all three alarms that i set and i woke up 12.45 instead. good job. i was supposed to get up that early because me, izza and mucho had a photosession ^^ planned and we wanted to do it early. i got to mucho around two and we went out and took some awesome pictures.

i went to town with sofi when we were done and finished my christmas shopping ^^ im still not satisfied but theres not much to do about it.. and i gave anna the money i borrowed from her and had a great day in general. then i went home and ate dinner with my family, my mums best friend and my mormor. it was grrrrrreat.
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