hemma hos pojken var man då, ganska mysigt. we just had a bbq and at the moment he's playing xbox and i'm playing around on my computer and watching scrubs (love how we do stuff together). anyways, i'm probably staying here during the night.. so you have fun <3
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Leaving my soulmate

My lovely boyfriend is making me leave my bbf (aka my bed) so that I can go round his and have UNDERWEAR DAY in his bed instead. I'm okay with this. And as a celebration of love or something (since it is the royale weddinge) I'm gonna wear Idas jumpsuit to show how good friends we are. DAMN RIGHT !
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underweardays <3

Hey kiddos, I'm still in bed because we have the day off today because of the royal wedding. No one else seems to be awake so I decided to have an underwear day today. You know when you sit in your room in your underwear the whole day doing nothing useful apart from avoiding the wedding.. And maybe watch some scrubs and some films. And wait for people to wake up and contact you.. Bai <3
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