okay, so today is the 9th of april 2012 and it is the 2 year anniversary of this blog. i have had some great times on this blog and i really liked it when i started it. it was with me during my first year at östra reals gymnasium, it was with me when i was in england and it has been with me when i came back to östra again this autumn. but despite the good times we've had together i think it is time to move on, and after getting some inspiration from ida i am now moving on to my 100th blog. so, i present to you carrosblog 300.0, thecarro.wordpress.com.i hope you don't mind and that you will like this new blog as much as my old one.
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i should really be asleep

okay, sleep is next on the scheduele. i'm going to england tomorrow and i just finished packing! can't wait! but today has been damn good as well. first brunch with ellen to celebrate her birthday and give her the birthdaycard/clue that i made her and also getting my hair cut! best feeling. oh wells, now you know! bai!
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ida has sent me her russecards and i got them in the mail today, as a lucky surprise she threw in some from her (and now they are mine as well) friends as well. it is so much fun, they all look so silly and the cards say some seriously stupid things. i love it, imma make me own one so i have some to hand out when i'm visiting in may.

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