Hey guys, I am so tired. Seriously, staying up too late talking to Brandon and waking up too early for school. School and yoga on top of that and I'm completely out. I've also moved my bed around in my room before I decided for a good place to sit. But I'm satisfied now, so here I am talking to Brandon and about to watch satc. Can life get any better? (Yes it can, he could be here, I could be not tired, my bed could be bigger, it could be weekend, etc. BUT IT IS VERY GOOD ANYWAYS AND I'M NOT GOING TO COMPLAIN)
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Me and my true friend

Hey guys, not much happening around here. Yesterday I stayed up too late talking to Brandon before going to bed and today I've been to school having some fun times studying and talking to my old friends and Ida and new class. At the moment I'm in the kitchen eating a bit and reading my book for Swedish and laters it's time for studying again.
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Things to look forward to

I have some really great things to look forward to. And that's not all; next weekend I'm going to Josses crayfish party, the week after I'm staying round Muchos for a few days since her mother and brother is in Italy, the week after that it's Muchos birthday and then the weekend after that Kibby and Dessi are having drinks to celebrate their birthdays and then the weekend after that it's Freddis birthday and IDA IS HERE !
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