to town and beyond

so today brandon is back in college and i am going in to town to get my grades, do some shopping, meet up with friends and probably visit node hill (aka the island innovation sixth form college). gemma is in the shower at the moment, but i'm going in there after her to wash my hair and get clean and stuff. so i'll speak to you sometime in the future, now you know i'm alive. xxx
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hello people. i'm in brandons bed at the moment, it is so weird and nice to be here again. i came here late yesterday (or actually really early today because i got here so late), since then i've had a nice sleep and today we have celebrated brandons sister gemmas birthday, she turned 24 and didn't wanna make a huge thing out of it so we went bowling and then to dinner at a small and really nice restaurant. now we are back and we are going to watch some films, stuff our faces with wotsits, sweets and crisps. SO BYE
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So, I am all packed and ready to go. BYEBYE SWEDEN AND HEY ENGLAND FOR NINE DAYS. I will be back the 6th of November. LOVE XXX
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